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Albany, NY 12306
Phone: 518-217-8587
Toll Free:Please visit: WWW.AAACLOSEOUT.COM
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Click here for more great deals & our exclusive money making specialsGroceries are an excellent category to sell. Fast turn over and great demand ,Big profit potential. Large supermarket and grocery chains have a very small markup on food. Therefore, you can effectively compete with them.Buy banana boxes full of groceries below wholesale price and easily sell below your neighborhood supermarket's advertised special prices!!! Banana boxes will include dented cans, boxed goods with crushed corners, close to or slightly past expiration date, label changes, overstock and shelf pulls of BRAND NEW MERCHANDISE. The large majority of grocery items in a banana box are salable. A small percentage will be throw-away.

The amount per box varies. A banana box may consist of 6 or 7 cereal boxes or 40-50 cans or 300 candy bars or any combination. National supermarket chains must keep their operations clean and current to attract customers.There will always be a lot of merchandise value in each banana box.

Choose from large well known grocery and supermarket chain stores listed below:

Jewll-Osc- North Lake, IL ? There are 24 pallet (576 boxes) or 48 pallet (1152 boxes) loads. These pallets are a good mix of canned, dry, some beverages. 24 banana boxes per pallet. 12 pallet minimum. Cleaner and better dates that others deals. Buyers love this load. $10.50 a box. Click here for pictures

Albertsn's - Dallas, TX - 1,040 boxes per load: 52 pallets of 20 boxes each. Always a great mix of canned and dry items. $10.75 a box.

Domncks - North Lake, IL - 24 or 48 pallet loads. 24 banana boxes per pallet. Wide range of mixed pallets. Boxes contain regular food items like cereal, canned foods, and juices but also have lots and lots of HBA (hair color, toothpaste, condoms, etc.) along with candy and snack items. $11.50 a box. Click here for pictures.

Rndy's - Plymouth, MN & Fort Wayne, IN - 1,040 banana boxes per load. Always a great mix of food, HBA, & paper goods. These loads are traditionally a bit heavier in canned goods than most other loads. THIS IS A Customer favorite. $10.75 a box.

Haris Teter - Charlotte, NC - 1056 boxes per load. You'll get a mix of Proctor & Gamble, Del Monte, General Mills, and other manufacturers. The mix is good with a little HBA, paper, & coffee throughout. Very clean, full boxes. $10.75 a box.

EB Brn - IL - 660 boxes per load, 33 pallets. There are 20 boxes on a pallet. You could choose from three categories either snack, grocery, or candy. You will receive a nice mix of all three categories. $11.00 per box for candy. $10.75 a box.snack & groceries.

Certifd - Elgin, IL - 960 boxes per load. Heavy mix of snack food with a nice mix of canned and dry groceries. $10.75 a box.

Portland - Portland, OR - 50 pallet to a load. 18 pallets of canned, 18 pallets of mixed, 14 pallets of dry. Very full boxes with some paper scattered throughout. Actual check-off list included with each pallet showing items that had been removed - expired, open or badly damaged. These items bad items are removed and are replaced with cleaner merchandise. Very full boxes. $12,500 per truckload.

Savmrt-Fresno,Ca -Assorted cans and boxes of groceries.Your cost is only $9.50 per box .

Wal - Houston, Dallas, St. Louis, Knoxville - 1152 boxes per load. $10.50 a box plus freight

Safewy,Krogr,Win Dixi,Supervlu,A&P,Pen Trafic,C&F Groceries-Numerous locations all across the USA.We can ship from a location closest to you. Your cost is only $10.50 per box.

GSW- TX - 44 pallet load. Regular groceries mixed with case lot items(all new) Merchandise can include food, dog food, charcoal, juices and general merchandise (gloves, batteries, condoms, household items). $11,500 plus freight. Great loads for stores!

McCln's -Tx & IL - 20 boxes per pallet.lots of convenience store items like beef jerky and other fast moving items found in a typical 7-11 store. Good mix of food, HBA, and general merchandise. $10.75 a box, plus freight.


Minimum 12 pallets. Mix and match any of the following categories to build your own truck:

Coffee- $15 a banana box. Assorted BRAND NAME coffee manufacturers. 24 boxes in a pallet. Great quality! FOB: MN

Coffee- $15 a banana box. Assorted BRAND NAME coffee manufacturers. 24 boxes in a pallet. Great quality! FOB: MN

-Liquid Cleaners- $15 a banana box. 24 boxes to a pallet. FOB: MN

- Light bulbs- $13 a banana box. 24 boxes to a pallet. FOB: MN

- Paper/Plastics- $399 per pallet. FOB: MN

- Diapers- All Brand new. your cost is only .13 a unit You choose from either medium(48 units to a case) or large(42 unit to a case). 288,000 pieces to a truckload. Free Shipping.

- Water- 24 banana boxes to a pallet. $2 a banana box.

Dog Food (20 IB) - Only $198 per pallet. 40 bags/PALLET.ONLY 4.95/BAG Special: Order a full truckload(52 pallets) and pay only $4.00/bag. Your cost is only $160 per pallet.

Cat Food ( 20 IB) - $250 per pallet. 40 bags per pallet.

Charcoal (20 IB) - $160 per pallet. 40 bags per pallet.

Cat Litter (40 IB) - $87 per pallet. 20 bags per pallet.

We also have a special on banana boxes of HBA-24 boxes to a pallet.Your cost is $28.00 per box.Customers love this category.Big money maker!!!

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INFO: 718-377-6515 | ORDERS ONLY: 800-726-6515
Minimum Order: $2500.00
** Rated EXCELLENT by D&B **
25 years of great deals - Up to 90% off wholesale cost!


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